Waldo, Arkansas is the home of the Westside Church of Christ Congregation
Waldo is a city in Columbia County, Arkansas for over 120 years.  The population is a little more than 1500 people per the 2000 census.  The small town was once a booming rail city on the Cotton Belt Train route.  The city now has a rail museum commemorating its history with various displays.  The city began to wane in population in the 50's when its neighboring town of Magnolia began drawing industry.  Waldo is the home of the 'Mighty Bulldogs' who were recognized as state champions in basketball numerous times.  The Waldo Schools have since closed but its legacy will carry on in the community forever.  Waldo is also the birth home of the Baseball Star, Travis Jackson.
Waldo is located in the southern most part of Arkansas.  It is 2 hours south of Little Rock; 45 minutes East of Texarkana; 40 minutes West of Eldorado.  It borders Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi. 

Westside Church of Christ

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